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“I can't thank you enough...

I had lost my way, my thoughts were confused, jaded and just not helpful to get me where I need to be.  I had stepped off the path and was floundering.

I am now able to see that I was far too hard on myself.  I was given the tools that made me realize things don't need to be complicated to live a happier life on my terms.

Was learning about me a challenge?  You bet...but I'm worth it.  Thank you for pointing me in the right direction and showing me that if I opened my eyes I could get back on the path.  Some things were an easy fix...others... well let's just say that I am a work in progress with lots more to learn along the way.

Thank you for walking alongside and showing me a different path.  I will not hesitate to reach out again for your services!

Ever so grateful,

E. M.


“When I first started working with Angela, I was stuck in a rut, with no idea how to get out — all I knew was that I needed to get out, that my health and happiness depended on it. Through their thoughtful questioning and gentle invitations to explore more deeply, I was able to pinpoint exactly what was and wasn’t working for me about my situation. I was able to gain insight into where I had been misleading myself, and where I had been on the right track all along and hadn’t even known it! I was able to start setting – and sticking to – my boundaries in order to steadily raise myself up out of that rut, and I’m now exploring a new path on much firmer ground. Thank you, Angela!”


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