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My pricing philosophy

My goal is to create a practice built on community care.  I never want money to be a barrier to anyone who wants to work with me. I offer a variety of payment options including a few sliding scale spots and I am always open to discussion about alternate forms of mutually beneficial compensation. As I am located in Canada, all prices are in Canadian Dollars. Discussion around pricing and payment is a part of the Discovery Call, which is absolutely free, so book one, and let’s find out how we can collaborate!

How can we work together?

Regardless of which package you decide on, our first interaction will be a Discovery Call which is completely free of charge. 

In this one hour call we will discuss:

  • what your coaching goal is

  • what coaching is and isn't

  • my coaching philosophy and methodology

  • payment options

You will also receive 30 minutes of coaching on the topic of your choice.

My practice is entirely consent based, which means that I value your "No" just as much as your "Yes" and I do not participate in coercive sales tactics. 

I work exclusively over Zoom, and have no plans to coach in person at this time. You do not need a Zoom account in order to be coached. If you have a barrier to being coached over video, please indicate that on the booking form and we can discuss other options. Click the button below to book a Discovery Call.

dark blue waves in background, white text reads "ELI and ELI 360"

ELI and ELI 360

The Energy Leadership Index (ELI) is a self-rated web-based survey that measures a person’s core energy.
ELI: $250
ELI 360: $350

dark blue waves in background, image text "Testing the Waters"

Testing the Waters

This package is best for people who would like to experience coaching but don’t want to make a longer commitment or people looking for support around a short-term challenge.
About 6 weeks long.

dark blue waves in the background, white text says "Jumping In"

Jumping In

This package is best for people wanting a longer time to delve into specific issues or people who have a specific mid-range goal in mind.
Three months
Cost: $2000

dark blue waves in background, white text says "Taking the Plunge"

Taking the Plunge

This package is best for people who would like to work on mid or longer term goals or people who are facing larger life transitions.
Six months
Cost: $3800

dark blue waves in background, white text says "Diving Deep"

Diving Deep

This package is best for people who thrive on doing deep work or people who want to unravel perfectionist tendencies.
12 months
Cost: $7000

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