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Frequently Asked Questions

What is life coaching?

Coaching is a collaborative effort that is solely based on what the client wants and would like to do. I ask open–ended, empowering questions to help my clients discover the answers they already hold. I call this “helping you see the back of your own neck”. It helps to create awareness for clients about what is getting in their way of living the life they want and learn how to shift assumptions, limiting beliefs and gremlins in order to move toward a life of satisfaction and fulfillment.

What is a Discovery Call?

In this free one hour call we will discuss: - what your coaching goal is (and I'll spend 30 minutes coaching you so that you can get a feel for how it works - what coaching is and isn't - my coaching philosophy and methodology - pricing and payment options

How does payment work?

During your Discovery Call I will go over the package and payment options in detail. I am able to take payment via e-transfer (Canadian clients only) or with Credit and Debit cards through the Wave invoicing system. I offer payment plans in addition to accepting full package price payment. I do have a small number of sliding scale spots, and I am willing to discuss alternative forms of payment in special cases. All prices are listed in Canadian dollars.

How are you different from other coaches?

I use an energy-based framework, and values-based coaching in concert with a variety of coaching approaches to support the spectrum of neurodiversity, with a special focus on working with 2SLGBTQIA+ folks and the people who love them. I am always un/learning about intersectionality and I strive to create an individual experience for each client as applies to their identified needs, including accessibility options. It is important to me that finances not be a barrier to my services, so I offer a range of pricing and payment options, as well as a small number of sliding scale spots. I am also learning to be trauma-informed so that I can better recognize this in clients, and re-direct them to a helping professional who is trained and licensed to work with trauma. I can bring nuance and sensitivity to conversations about exterior barriers to folks with marginalized identities because of my lived experience, which is not always reflected in coaching practices.

What isn't life coaching?

Therapy - often about the “why” and looking to the past, coaching focuses on “how” and is often focused on the future Mentoring - the client is the expert in their own life, the coach is the expert in coaching Consulting - coaches help you find your answer instead of providing it to you Friendship - coaches are objective and non-judgmental

What is your intake process?

At the end of the Discovery Call, I will ask you if you would like to move forward with working together. Regardless of which package you decide on, the next step is to set up a session where we'll discuss what you know about how you learn and work best, and go over your coaching contract to make sure that everything we agree on is captured. Next, you will receive a link to the ELI assessment, and I'll provide you with an exercise to help set a baseline for your values, and your current satisfaction with elements of your life. We'll have one session where I debrief your ELI assessment and we'll uncover your Values Gaps and set the direction for your goal(s). After that, we'll move into the regular coaching sessions.

What is the ELI/ELI 360?

The Energy Leadership Index (ELI) is a self-rated web-based survey that measures a person’s core energy. It is a powerful tool created by iPEC Founder Bruce D. Schneider to help people better understand who they are and how they show up in their daily lives. You’ll answer questions through a web portal, and your answers will be gathered in a report for me to interpret and deliver to you. This will create the framework and the language that we will use together. The energy part is about the general beliefs and attitudes you carry in your life. The leadership part is about which part of your energy is at the forefront of the way you move through life. The index part means that all of this information is pulled together so that it’s more easily understood and interpreted. The ELI 360 is the same thing, except you will also choose 3-10 people in your life to answer similar questions so that you can get a fully-rounded view of how others see you, as well as how you see yourself. (It’s not as scary as it sounds, I promise!)

Who do you work with?

My main focus is on supporting members and allies of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community who live with ADHD and with chronic illness and chronic pain. I also help the families, friends, and peers of people living with these identities learn about folks in their lives who live in these identities. You do not have to carry all or any of those identities to work with me, as long as you are open to ideas that include intersectional understanding, advocacy, and justice, and discussion about the way we are harmed living in our current societal systems.
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