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My Coaching Story

Brave; Not Perfect_edited.jpg

In 2017 I was struggling. I'd had a lot of loss that year by the time October arrived. I didn't know it then, but more would be coming over the next few years. For my birthday that year I got a tattoo on my left forearm that says "Brave; Not Perfect", as a way to remind myself that moving forward, as hard as it felt, was going to support me in a way that staying still wouldn't. Aside from that tattoo, I very much felt that I didn't have control over my life, and that feeling got bigger and bigger until September of 2019, when more loss and upheaval brought me to my lowest point. 


Why am I putting this out there for anyone to read, and on my professional website of all places?


My story didn't end. In fact, things got better. A lot better. I started learning how to be a Certified Professional Coach with iPEC in the summer of 2020. That experience and the work I have done since to really dig into my life and get curious has been a game-changer. 

I've gained a better understanding of how my brain works, how my body works, and how they work together. I've been able to learn how to reframe experiences in order to respond instead of reacting. I've found ways to truly support myself, and in doing so found ways to support people around me, and people like me. 


So, here I am, with a mind-boggling array of lived experience, working on creating my own best life. 


My current goal in my work is to helping people living at the intersection of chronic pain and illness, ADHD, and queerness to find confidence and bravery, and to help those around these people understand and relate to them, and their experiences. 


I'd love to help you find awareness of where you currently are in life, help you close gaps in your values that mean you're not living as authentically as you could. and help you find agency in your life so that you can also create your own best life.

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