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Helping people living at the intersection of chronic pain and illness, ADHD, and queerness to find confidence and bravery.

Black writing on a yellow wall says "believe in yourself". A child in a yellow and blue coat and striped pants is looking up at the words. Image by Katrina Wright
Image by Scott Trento
What keeps you from feeling seen, safe, and supported?


Often, folks living with bodies and brains that work differently from the world around us struggle with feeling like we aren't enough. We internalize the messages we receive about what is "wrong" with us. We don't understand why, or feel resentful that others seem to move through the world more easily. We are often made to feel like we are the problem, that we don't behave the right way, that we are burdens.​


Many Coaches work within a framework which supposes that a client is where they are only because of their choices, and that if they aren’t succeeding it is their fault alone. I work within an Intersectional, anti-oppressive, trauma-informed, consent based framework which acknowledges the different ways in which the systems we live in can affect our thoughts, feelings, and actions, and therefore where we find ourselves in life.​


Transformational life coaching aims to help a person change their mindset towards their life. I believe that each of us already carries many of our own answers. After all, who is a better expert on you than yourself? Sometimes it's really hard for us to find those answers on our own. That's where I come in. I ask open-ended, empowering questions in order to help you identify your values and where those might be out of alignment with the way you are currently living.​

If any of this resonates with you, book a Discovery Call with me through the button below. I'd love to see how we can work together. 

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